Emporium Galorium

My name is Max and I was born in 1989 in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Being raised in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany, I've always been the type of weirdo kid who carried around bugs in a matchbox or tried to raise pollywogs in my mother’s bath tub.


I’ve always been interested in all different types of creatures we share our planet with, as well as the natural evolutionary path of different species, and from a young age, I was taught to respect, protect, and not harm nature’s creations. This being said, I treat any animal I keep with the esteem they deserve and keep my distance from those who would mistreat, abuse or pointlessly kill animals.


Back in 2012, I decided to exhume my chameleon that had died two years before, to articulate his bones. Since that day, my interest in the internal structures of animals as well as preserving them as a whole piqued, and so the idea of Emporium Galorium was born. Then in August of the following year, thanks to a massive influx of positive feedback, I made Emporium Galorium a reality. This is not an institution out to make money - it is a site dedicated primarily to preserve animals which have died of natural causes for posterity. Emporium Galorium offers taxidermy mounts of all kinds, insect boxes, skulls and skeletons, mummified specimens and much more, but I would also like to think that this site offers people an opportunity to glimpse backstage at the fascinating process that goes into preserving creatures after they’ve passed.


I am always out looking for road kills and exploring remote areas for animals, and thanks to my dermestes colony, I can easily deflesh and clean the skeletal remains of different animals. I have dedicated myself to read every book I can find about animal preparation and preservation, entomological studies, and books on skull and skeletal structures and articulations, constantly expanding my knowledge.


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not out to make money off of the corpses of animals, instead, I wish to make animal preparations of the highest quality available to the public, so that they may enjoy their specimen for years to come. I dedicate most of my spare time to Emporium Galorium and enjoy every minute of it! Every new arrival is a chance to expand my knowledge and find new ways to mount, articulate, or pin. No matter how many times I’ve seen an animal before, It'll always be a new, interesting experience working with it.


Why let animals rot and go to waste when you can preserve them for years to come and allow others to learn from what you’ve done?


As a rule, I pay very close attention to the ethical sourcing of all my specimens so buyers can be sure all of my animals are road killed, farm-raised, or sourced legally from hunters. As an example, the bats I have for sale come from a farm that breeds them for their guano (bat feces) to sell as fertilizer.


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No animal should die for the sole purpose of displaying them.


Every penny I make with Emporium Galorium goes straight into purchasing new skulls, insects, mounts or equipment that I need to process animals. Every single purchase from you gives me the opportunity to invest in new specimen, keeping my inventory fresh and ever-changing.


I hope I’ve given you a small insight into my work. Please feel free to ask me anything and I will try my best to answer any questions. Being self-taught, my work might not be perfect, but practice makes a master and I will never give less than my best when it comes to the preservation of nature’s creatures for the enjoyment of all.



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